⭐Title: Lisofi: Li Social Filmaturi / The Social Director
📖Training overview
📖Training infopack
🆎Type: Training Course
🗺️Location: SICILY – ITALY
📅Dates: 13-22 March 2024
🎯Summary: Mobility for Youth Workers to empower NGOs, YWs and youth by equipping them with essential video making skills that will allow them to create professional, better designed and targeted videos with equipment they already have (guerilla filmmaking)
⏳Deadline: 22 February 2024
👋Participants: Bulgaria 🇧🇬, Czech Republic 🇨🇿, Germany 🇩🇪, Greece 🇬🇷, Italy 🇮🇹, Norway 🇳🇴, Poland 🇵🇱, Romania 🇷🇴, Spain 🇪🇸