⭐Title: “Europe and You” / ” Europa y tú ”
📖Training overview
📖Training infopack
🆎Type: E-learning
🗺️Location: ZOOM – GERMANY
📅Dates: 23 April 2024
🎯Summary: Did you know that Europe is full of educational and mobility opportunities? Let’s discover it together! Online Seminar in Spanish
⏳Deadline: 20 April 2024
👋Participants: Spain🇪🇸 France🇫🇷 Italy🇮🇹 Germany🇩🇪 Portugal🇵🇹 Greece🇬🇷 Netherlands🇳🇱 Hungary🇭🇺 Sweden🇸🇪 Finland🇫🇮 Denmark🇩🇰 Ireland🇮🇪 Croatia🇭🇷 Estonia🇪🇪 Romania🇷🇴 Slovenia🇸🇮 Lithuania🇱🇹 Cyprus🇨🇾 Malta🇲🇹 Bulgaria🇧🇬 Czech Republic🇨🇿 Slovakia🇸🇰 Latvia🇱🇻 Luxembourg🇱🇺 Austria🇦🇹 Belgium🇧🇪 Poland🇵🇱 United Kingdom🇬🇧 North Macedonia🇲🇰 Serbia🇷🇸 Turkey🇹🇷 Iceland🇮🇸 Norway🇳🇴 Liechtenstein🇱🇮.