Summary The aim of the seminar is to equip youth workers with the knowledge, skills, and strategies to utilize virtual and digital technology in their programs and interactions with young people, through sharing tools and good practices from their organizations’ work with digital technologies that aim at fostering engagement, learning, and development of youngsters in the digital age. We will focus on understanding the digital landscape, addressing challenges like online safety and cyberbullying, and enhancing digital literacy. Participants will learn strategies for engaging and educating young people effectively using digital tools and also utilizing social media to reach more youngsters. The seminar will also cover ethical aspects of digital technology, promoting positive online behavior and privacy. It includes practical sessions on designing innovative virtual programs, interactive content creation, and teaching online safety. Additionally, there will be opportunities for participants to network, share experiences, and collaborate, fostering a community of practice in digital youth work and exchanging good practices from various organizations. Participants proffile The ideal candidates for our seminar are youth workers aged 18 and over from the participating countries who are not only residents but also deeply involved in their local youth communities. They should have a profound interest in the seminar’s themes, particularly in integrating and using digital tools in youth work. These participants will be driven to develop a broad set of skills in an international context, including communication, teamwork, problem-solving, conflict management, facilitation, and presentation. A crucial part of their role will be to learn about and apply digital technologies in their youth work, recognizing how these tools can boost engagement and learning outcomes. Additionally, these youth workers should be enthusiastic about participating in the Erasmus+ programme, prepared to collaborate in international teams, and keen on sharing their experiences in follow-up activities. Their eagerness to immerse themselves in a diverse, intercultural learning environment is essential, as it significantly enriches the seminar experience and contributes to the project’s success. Their participation will go beyond mere attendance; they will actively embrace digital innovation in youth work, share their insights, and apply their learnings in their communities, aiming to enhance effective and inclusive youth engagement. Target Group 18+ participants who are working with young people in NGOs, youth centers or any other youth organization or institution interested on the topic Info Pack

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