The program aims to strengthen the capacity of youth organizations working in rural areas through developing expertise in design thinking methodologies, community engagement strategies, and environmental sustainability practices. This 6-day program is the second part of our placemaking journey for rural areas, following our first training on becoming a Village Facilitator. Participants will build on the skills and network developed previously to foster creativity, entrepreneurship, and well-being of young people through community-led sustainable development. Design Thinking and Business for Rural Youth This training will introduce design thinking – a collaborative approach to problem-solving. Participants will learn to guide young people through the stages of: Identifying needs through observation and interviews Brainstorming many potential ideas Prototyping low-cost test versions Gathering feedback to refine prototypes Implementing pilots and iterating based on results By applying these stages locally, youth workers can empower rural youth to structure their ideas into tangible community actions. Many youth ideas could form the basis for rural social enterprises. The course will equip participants with tools to help young entrepreneurs: Develop basic business plans with clear goals and budgets Consider sustainable models like social enterprises Connect to local resources and partners Pitch their ideas clearly to mobilize support Gaining these skills enables turning creativity into real businesses and projects that drive positive change. Participants will practice active outreach, inclusive collaboration, and cooperative action on innovative ideas. If you feel a deep calling to participate in this training course, please fill out the application form available at this link: APPLY HERE The deadline for application submission is the 16th of January 2024 (included). The selection results will be published at the latest on the 20th of January .

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