The main aim of the “NurishNest” training program is to enhance the capacity of youth workers in creating peaceful, inclusive, and nourishing environments through trauma-informed approaches, mindfulness techniques, and embodiment practices. The training integrates experiential learning and study visits, aiming to deepen understanding of diverse experiences and promote holistic well-being for all young individuals, especially those from marginalized groups. Throughout the 6-day program, participants will engage in a combination of interactive workshops, discussions, practical exercises, and reflective activities. The training will provide a holistic approach to empower youth workers with the knowledge, skills, and confidence needed to promote peacemaking, embodiment, trauma awareness, and non-violent communication in their work with young people. Learning outcomes: Cultivating Nourishing Spaces: Equip participants with skills to create and sustain nurturing environments that support the growth and well-being of young people. Enhanced Empathy & Understanding: Broaden perspectives on diverse experiences, fostering deep empathy and understanding. Mindfulness & Embodiment Mastery: Develop proficiency in mindfulness and embodiment practices for personal and professional resilience. Inclusivity & Practical Skills: Learn to build inclusive, trauma-informed spaces for diverse youth, including those from marginalized backgrounds. Effective Communication for Peacebuilding: Enhance communication skills for peaceful dialogue and conflict resolution. Holistic Well-being Approaches: Apply holistic strategies to promote mental, emotional, and physical well-being in youth work. More:

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