Guidance from the Inner Voice is an international project focused on connecting with one’s own intuition and source of creativity as innovative methods supporting youth and youth workers in maintaining their well-being and bringing them authentic life satisfaction. It aims to empower youth workers with know-how about subconscious mind , archetypes, methods developing intuition and self-awareness , especially as educational and self-growth tools for youth. During the training course participants will develop skills in creating deep connections with themselves and with others, working with mindfulness and embodiment practices as well as making conscious use of the subconscious mind. The programme will involve intuition-based methods including dance, arts, theatre, music and voice-related activities. It will support to acquire a creative and heart-based attitude towards the decision-making process as well as readiness to implement methods developing intuition into youth work. In this project you will: Gain knowledge about how to make contact with your own hidden potential sealed in the unconscious, being aware of it and making use of it through intuition Experience methods for developing self-awareness and mindfulness as well as involve in embodiment, art and nature-based practices Focus on deep listening to your own intuition, each other and signals coming from your own body Develop skills of using intuition in decision-making processes Learn methods helping to reconnect with own needs, emotions and values Gain confidence in applying learned methods into youth work THE PROJECT IS FOR YOU IF: you are a resident of Poland, Slovenia, Italy, Malta, Austria, Greece and Hungary. you are over 18 years old and have at least a good level of spoken English. You have relevant professional experience: you are a youth worker, trainer, educator, teacher, youth leader, mentor, coach, social worker or similar. You are ready to do FOLLOW UP activity after the training. You feel a strong calling for this topic and motivation to contribute. Team of trainers: Sylwia Nowak & Agata Russjan (Poland) Project Infopack:

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