Our projects are carefully selected…

You choose us and we choose you and so become a team working together for the realisation of your project and dream!


Make your project a reality!

We turn stories into films. Our mission is to describe memories, passions, successes and dreams of each of you.

We are a team of professionals and artists who always want to achieve the highest quality through efficient and innovative working methods.

We follow all stages of your project (short film, video or film) from planning to production.

How we do it?

Professionalism and attention to detail are the elements that set us apart. We select only those projects that in our opinion deserve to be told.

Starting with the selected project, we define together with you the steps that will lead to its realisation and form the team that will take care of it.

We work smoothly and with precise timelines.

WoLe Camp

Get involved!

The place to meet, compare, test your knowledge and acquire new understanding and know-how. You can work with our team and discover new areas in which to experiment.

What is WoLe?

The experience that did NOT exist! 

WoLe (Work & Learn camps) are three-day experiences with limited participation. WoLe camps take place in attractive locations where you can give it your all with your team!

You will have the opportunity to imagine yourself in your dream job, for which you have done specific studies or cultivated a passion.

“Our professionalism meets your creativity and talent!”


Get the word out about your project!

Do you have a film, video, or short film that you want to publicise but don’t know where to start? Don’t worry!

Through this service we provide our network to distribute your project.